Parking and Personal Vehicles

We do not encourage you to bring your car to campus. If you need to bring a vehicle or if you need parking on the first day, please park in the visitor lots shown on the campus map or in C lots around the residence hall. You are not allowed to use your car to transport other participants during the YASE Workshop. Participants staying in the residence halls are required to give their keys to their counselor until Saturday morning.

If you are staying on campus, you are not allowed to go off campus unless you have a parental release form stating where and with whom you are going and for how long you will be gone.

Airport Shuttle
If you are arriving by plane, commercial shuttle service is available to transport you from the Salt Lake International Airport to Provo. Advance reservations are required. Have your flight number and your arrival time ready when you call. Please note that BYU is not affiliated with these shuttles; they are only listed here for your convenience. It is up to each participant to find his or her own transportation to and from BYU.

Express Shuttle 1–800–397–0773
Approximate cost one way:
$35 for first person/$14 for each additional person in your party (subject to change)
Online reservations available at

Driving Instructions 

When the check–in locations have been finalized, we will post detailed driving instructions.

I-15 Southbound

  1. About 45 miles south of Salt Lake City, take exit 269 (University Parkway)
  2. Stay left (east towards the mountains) at the off-ramp traffic signal
  3. On University Parkway, drive east through Orem and down the hill into Provo

I-15 Northbound

  1. Take exit 263 (US-189 N/University Avenue)
  2. Drive north on University Avenue to University Parkway