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Event Details

Date (tentative):
Tuesday, July 9 and Tuesday, July 16

Time (tentative):
6:30 p.m.

Pardoe Theatre, Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC)

As a YASE participant, you are invited to perform in the Entertainers’ Showcase! The Entertainers’ Showcase is an opportunity for you to perform a musical piece in a small group or as a soloist. Selected individuals will be chosen from the showcase for solo and small–group performances in the Final Concert. Performing is optional, but all participants must attend the entire showcase. Family and friends are welcome to attend. Tickets are not required for the Entertainers’ Showcase.

Allotted Time

Sign-ups for the Entertainers' Showcase will be done online in June. All registered participants will be sent an email. Please be sure to read the PDF information found under "BEFORE YOU ARRIVE" and then under "PACK YOUR BAGS"

Your selection for the Entertainer’s Showcase is limited to THREE minutes. If you are using our accompanist, please have your music already cut and ready to play. If your piece is longer than 3 minutes, you will not be allowed to perform at the Entertainer’s Showcase. No exceptions. There are usually 70-80 participants who want to perform that evening and with each person taking three minutes, this amazing showcase can be over three hours long! Please do your part and stay UNDER or right on the THREE minute mark!

If you plan on performing, you must have the following information when signing up:

  • Your name
  • The name of your song
  • Song length (must be 3:00 or less)
  • The show it is from (if applicable)
  • The composer
  • Mic preference (hand or body)
  • Sheet music OR a CD (ready to hand in at check-in) OR email a mp3 or mp4 (self-accompaniment is also fine)
  • The song’s lyrics (or a URL link to the lyrics)

Please remember to put your name on all your sheet music copies or your CD. You will hand this in at check-in on Monday, have it with you. 

*Note: Participants may only perform in ONE number at the Entertainer’s Showcase. If you choose to sing a duet or act as part of another YASE participant’s performance, you will not be allowed to perform a solo piece or in any additional musical numbers during the Showcase.


All costumes must adhere to BYU Honor Code and For the Strength of Youth standards. You will not be allowed to perform if you are not in compliance. You must come prepared with your own costumes and participants will not be allowed to perform barefoot.

Clothes and Hair

Comfort: It’s important that you’re not thinking about your clothing when you are on stage, so wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that follow the Honor Code.

Hair: Style your hair off of your face to avoid creating shadows.

Color: White, black, bright reds, and yellows cause problems. Medium tones are good. Whites will make everything else in a video or picture (including dark–complexioned people) look very dark. Black clothes will make pale people wash out. Bright reds and yellows tend to bleed. The best colors to wear are solid–colored clothes in navy blues, purples, dark creams, browns, grays, and pastels.

Patterns: Avoid tweeds, stripes, and other busy patterns. Solid colors or very large patterns without a lot of fine detail are best.

Accessories: The noise made by jangly jewelry will get picked up by the microphones. Large, metallic jewelry may throw distracting reflections from the lights.


All music (including lyrics, beat, intensity, and choreography) must adhere to BYU Honor Code and For the Strength of Youth standards. If you bring a prerecorded accompaniment track, it must be on a CD. We can no longer play cassettes. Please be aware that we follow the Los Angeles songwriter showcase system, which is “one song, one CD.” Please show your professionalism by labeling the accompaniment track. Mark your full name, address, and song title clearly on the CD and PLEASE put your CD in a protective hard cover.

You can email an electronic file of your music. It must be a MP3 or MP4 format. You can email it to: cw161@byu.edu - Be sure to include your name, the week you're attending and the song name in your email.

You are also welcome to bring sheet music. Accompaniment and practice time will be provided. If you decide to bring sheet music, you must bring a copy for the accompanist! Mark your full name and address clearly on each page of the sheet music.

Please be aware that you are in charge of picking up your sheet music or CD at the end of the Entertainers’ Showcase and/or Final Concert. All unclaimed music will be sent to BYU Lost and Found. Please do not bring a commercial CD and ask our technicians to erase or remove the vocal for you. While the technology exists to do this, it is not available at BYU, and doing so violates copyright laws.